How to Take Care of Your Modern Ceiling Fan

Modern ceiling fans are advancing in popularity because they help in maintaining energy during the summer months and look good. Ceiling fans are available in many contemporary models and sizes and can be chosen based on the decoration and the dimension of the room in which they will be installed.

Although these fans help save money and add to the home decoration, they become troubling when they vibrate making rattling or creaking sounds. These sounds demonstrate that the fan has a problem that requires fixing.

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Squeaking and Wobbling – What does it Show?

While many modern ceiling fans require no upkeep at all apart from regular cleaning, older and antique fans are quite a different matter. They often have belts and other items that need to be modified or altered. A squeaking fan is one of the first signals of a problem that needs to be pinpointed and fixed. Such phenomena take place when a ceiling fan has been used for ages with no upkeep or repair. The motors and bearings of these units involve oiling and greasing from time to time.

It is important to know that these abnormal sounds are sure signs of trouble with the fan. If it is not maintained well, these problems will get worse over time and even result in sparking or other more significant problems. To avoid these type of complications, it is better to address the problems when the first signs become clear.

Steps You Can Take

There are some easy steps you can take to ensure that the ceiling fan works well over time.

The following are some things to check if the fan makes sounds it should not:

  1. Bearings should be lubricated periodically on older fans. Take the fan down and make sure everything is lubricated correctly.
  2. Check to see if the fasteners need tightening. Although it is unusual for the loose blades to give off a squeaking sound, this is still possible in certain instances. Sometimes, even light bulbs can cause rattling, so make sure they are tightened securely in their sockets.
  3. Excessive dust accumulation could be another major cause of wobbling and squeaking. A large amount of dust in the fan may lead to a situation where there is an unequal pressure on the motor bearings, causing squeaking, and the fan wearing out prematurely.
  4. If the fan has a light kit, it is necessary to check the globes. Some ceiling fans that come with a rubber seal to isolate them from the metal flange that needs to be in place.
  5. If a set of screws is used for tightening the globe. Making sure that these screws are tight enough is important. Remember, excessive pressure may damage the glass, so this task should be handled carefully.

Once all these steps have been taken care of, check to see if the fan is still noisy. If the problem has not been sorted out yet, it may be time to call in an expert.

Leaving such problems to fester cause them to become a lot worse over time and really damaging the unit. Even with an older fan, it is important to maintain its function as well as its form.

Modern Ceiling fans became a central part of many homes. They are quite handy to have as they are far more cost-effective and energy efficient than central air conditioning systems.

While choosing the right ceiling fans may seem an easy exercise, it is possible to make the wrong selection and not get the results you want.

The type of fans you decide on depends on various factors, and it is essential to analyze these factors before buying one carefully. You need to remember finding the most appropriate ceiling fan for a room will make a huge difference in how it assists the cooling process in a given area at the lowest possible price.

Apart from cooling certain areas by creating a wind chill factor, ceiling fans will also contribute to the atmosphere of a given space.

As such, there are more than a couple of factors that will determine the choice of fans and be sure to leave your french doors open for a cross breeze.

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