Get Out and Start Rafting the McCall River on Your Kayak

More and more people are taking up McCall River Rafting as a hobby or recreational sport. Some would go on rafts while others would prefer a kayak. Besides, kayaking matches any activity level and provide hours or days of fun for the entire family.

Did you know that kayaking made its first appearance among the Inuit people who stayed within the Arctic region of North America? It is a special type of canoe. The original kayaks got made out of seal skin and wood. While only one person would fit into a kayak before, there are all sorts of kayaks now, including one that was built to accommodate two people.

One person kayaks have just enough room for one individual to sit inside comfortably. It is usually equipped with a skirt that fits over the top to keep water out. You will find that a kayak makes use a double-sided paddle.

As the sport has so many different facets, it is something anyone would enjoy. Especially, if you are merely looking for something fun to do while on holiday, then kayak touring might be just what you need. It is, after all, an activity the entire family would enjoy as it offers a calm, sightseeing experience.

Outfitters would usually provide multi-person kayaks that might be a bit harder to maneuver. For the brave one, there are all kinds of extreme kayaking activities that include whitewater kayaking.

For the braver, there are some more extreme kayaking activities, including whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking, or even kayak racing.

Engage in Whitewater Kayaking with McCall River Rafting Outfitters
Rafting the McCall can take many forms. From being in a raft to opting for a kayak instead. Were you aware of the fact that kayaking was even included as a sport during the Summer Olympics of 2004?

Those who engage in whitewater kayaking need to have a lot of experience in rough water and rivers. They must also know what type of kayak to use.

Kayaks that are used for whitewater have to be sturdier than other kayaks due to the beating you can expect to face from being in the river. Two person kayaks are not utilized for whitewater rafting as it is just too dangerous to have two people in the kayak while going over whitewater. Single kayaks vary in length and would largely depend on what aspect the person doing the kayaking wants to emphasize.

There are numerous types of whitewater activities using a kayak. If it is your intent to engage in whitewater kayaking for the fun of it, then you will in all likelihood be river running, meaning you take your kayak and go down a whitewater river. You will encounter a section of the river that is not the roughest and even come across some flat parts and a couple of rapids along the way. It will either take the form of a one-day excursion, or it would involve a multi day adventure down the McCall River, which turns out to be a good choice. Especially if you are accompanied by experienced outfitters like Orange Torpedo Trips:

Some folks find it great fun to participate in rodeo or playboating. Basically what this means is that you stay close to the same part of the river and use the same Rapids to do your tricks. It is said to be a more difficult part of whitewater kayaking. Therefore, it is less likely that you will find someone who knows how to do this activity.

One of the last things people generally think of when they hear the term “whitewater kayaking” is the word “creeking,” which happens to be the most extreme form or whitewater kayaking that involves taking your kayak through very rough whitewater. It is usually done as part of a competition, or by those who are looking for more than the usual thrill.

Regardless of what type of kayaking or McCall River rafting adventure you are looking into starting, ensure you are thoroughly prepared for what you are about to do. Since most whitewater rafting or kayaking is considered an extreme type of adventure, you have to be sure you are adhering to all safety advice and that you are fully equipped with the necessary equipment for your safety.

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