Your dental health and wellbeing is your primary responsibility. Several factors may contribute to a healthier living and a better smile. Getting into the habit of regularly visiting a Medford dentist is the best advice we can give. Part of a healthy routine would be to take care of your digestive system which would have an impact on your overall health which also involves knowing how to take care of your oral hygiene. This is good if you’re a high quality Orthodontist Medford Oregon.


We would like to focus on your dental care and how it links with your digestive system as both play a critical role in your overall health and well-being.


The digestive system alone lets you see just how vital it is to live a healthy life using natural health products and following useful advice. It will be good to have a proper understanding as to how the digestion process takes place. This is the type of help you can look forward to when you get to visit a dentist Medford Oregon. Right here:


It is good to be aware that your digestive system is composed of organs such as the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and the anus. Even the liver and pancreas plays a huge role in your digestion process.


The digestion process starts in your mouth while you are chewing your food. Your saliva would help to break down your food which is why you might remember your mother saying “Chew your food well” Should your digestion process get disturbed in any way, then your body will not function correctly and other health problems will come to the fore.


Many people live hectic lives and do not always make enough time to prepare healthy and nutritious meals to aid their wellbeing. This is why taking supplements like Vitamin C is an excellent way to boost your body’s ability to endure colds and flu. It sure gives your body the strength it needs to remain healthy during the winter season.


You need to care for your oral hygiene or else run the risk of contracting all sorts of health-related problems that may even include the heart. It is not just a case of brushing your teeth. It can be detrimental to your health by taking dental care lightly. As it is, the plaque would irritate your gums to the point that it actually bleeds bringing about a certain amount of living bacteria that enter your bloodstream.


Dentists Medford OR Discusses the Connection between Vitamin D and Strong Healthy Teeth


Vitamin D performs a crucial role in ensuring your teeth stays strong. You may be at a loss as your best efforts with regards to dental care does not produce the desired results in giving you strong white teeth. But, have you considered how incredibly important Vitamin D is to achieving strong teeth? It is often overlooked and not commonly spoken about by a dentist Sydney dental practitioner.


How many times do we not hear about how essential calcium intake is to ensure healthy strong teeth? But, do you ever hear anyone speak about the relationship between Vitamin D and your teeth? We can assure you that it plays a crucial part in the whole process of taking care of your teeth.


The Role Vitamin D Plays


Who would have thought that Vitamin D keeps your teeth firmly anchored in its sockets? People who are Vitamin D deficient are at risk of contracting a periodontal disease for several reasons as stated by a reputable dentist Sydney.


One such reason would be the gene responsible for periodontal disease might be controlled by a known Vitamin D receptor that in turn is controlled by the right amount of Vitamin D. While this may sound a little complicated, it means that Vitamin D serves as a controller of your genes that is present in just about every cell of your body. Once your Vitamin D levels are low, the genes would get switched on and may result in periodontal disease. Also, Vitamin D goes on to reduce gingivitis due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


Did you know that Vitamin D stimulate your immune system? In turn, if your immune system is strong, you are far less likely to contract any bacterial infections within your gum area which in turn may result in needing treatment for periodontal disease.


It goes to show how essential it is to heed the recommendations of reputed dental professionals in Medford Oregon such as the Medford Dental Center.



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